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How to lick your girlfriend I Am Wanting Dating

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How to lick your girlfriend

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Is there a bigger bedroom bummer than when someone doesn't know how to go down on you properly?

Wants Dating How to lick your girlfriend

Nope, there sure isn't. That's because cunnilingus — even so-so cunnilingus — is awesome.

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So on the occasion that your partner likc clearly how to lick your girlfriend no idea what they're doing down there, it really is disappointing. Nobody wants to be that person, but unfortunately, knowing how to go down on a girl or more accurately, people with vaginas isn't exactly part of our sex ed curriculum. Though, it should be.

Fortunately, giving head is a skill where you can totally up your game, whether you're new to it or are a V-eating vet. Yep, there is always room for improvement.

How to lick your girlfriend

Here's the good news: The homework is amazing. The first step to being amazing at giving head is to familiarize yourself with the anatomy. I mean, you're not going to win any battle without first understanding the terrain. But let's assume you know where all how to lick your girlfriend hotspots are and want to know girlfgiend to take your techniques to the union grove NC level.

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Well, in that case, it's time to call in the experts. Here's yo they had to say about how to earn an enthusiastic thumbs up for going.

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After all, it's an orgasm, not a race. Trust me! Create delicious tension by slowly turning up the heat.

Don't make the mistake of rushing and how to lick your girlfriend "straight for the goods," warns O'Reilly. Instead, she advises, "Build anticipation by touching, caressing, feeling, licking, kissing, and breathing all over their body — slowly. According to O'Reilly, most of us overlook one of the best weapons in our sexual arsenal: Not sure what that means?

How To Go Down On A Girl & Actually Blow Her Mind

O'Reilly explains how to use your breath to its greatest and most pleasurable potential by controlling its temperature — "by exhaling slowly with a wide-open mouth to release warm air or purse your lips and breathe gently to release cool air. Once you've built up the anticipation and driven your sex partner wild with your breath, how to lick your girlfriend blow it how to lick your girlfriend intended with poor clitoral technique.

While everyone's vagina is different, you don't want to begin with a full-frontal assault. When your partner climaxes, they will experience pleasurable contractions that begin in the pelvic area and radiate.

"Don't be frantically licking all over it like there's no tomorrow, just any old way it pleases you. If the girl is pulling back, get a hold of yourself. How To Go Down On A Girl For The First Time, In 7 Sexy Steps Just because you like long, slow licking doesn't mean your girlfriend will. How To Go Down On A Girl & Actually Blow Her Mind Once you've mastered that technique, she suggests, "Lick a line from the fourchette.

O'Reilly says you can give them a helping hand to heighten their pleasure. If you really want to blow their mind, you need to know what works for your partner, so don't be afraid to ask for feedback.

You may be capable of making miracles in the bedroom, but you don't have to be a mind reader. O'Reilly advises to ask simple yes or no questions while you learn what works best for them, as well as watching for the non-verbal how to lick your girlfriend, like the rhythm of their hips.

7 Steps to Eat Her Pussy Out - For Max Pleasure | School Of Squirt

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, well, yeah, it gielfriend be. But anything worth doing in the bedroom is worth doing.

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Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Coach Dr. Martha Tara Lee suggests doing regular oral puerto women to get your tongue in fighting form —after all, your tongue is a muscle. Because "tongue stamina is key," according to Dr.

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Lee, open your mouth and move your tongue up and down, side to side, and then all. Well, there you have it — techniques directly from the pros.

If you're still worried, I'll leave you with this advice: Techniques aside, the most important thing to remember when you go down on someone is to do it with passion, curiosity, and the desire to. If you start there, everything else will follow.

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Oh, and definitely also do that circle thing. By Rachel Shatto. Slow It Down. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.